Teacher Resources

While X-Polli:Nation encourages everyone to take part, it is specifically designed for school age pupils and their teachers (and parents when home learning). We have packaged up the suite of resources across the Learn, Record, Plant and Communicate themes, so that they can be introduced to students as part of a scheme of learning. You can dip into these activities as a one off lesson, or integrate them as part of a structured series of lessons, homework and/or afterschool clubs over a term or school year.

Below you can download the Group Leader Support Guide which provides curriculum links, tips while carrying out the activities with a group and quick links to all of the resources. You can also find a Pack of Worksheets (Learn, Record, Plant and Communicate) which you can print out for students or use as inspiration. To support your teaching you will also find a X-Polli:Nation PowerPoint Presentation and for independent student learning, an Online Course on Pollinators and Citizen Science. You will also find The full colour Recording Booklet and Printer-Friendly Survey Recording Sheets for your class when Recording and a Certificate of Participation to hand out to all those who have made a PolliPromise.

You can also view a recording of the workshop we ran for Teachers in Spring 2021:

Group Leader Support Guide (.pdf; 1MB)
Pack of four Activity WorkSheets (.pdf; 10MB)
X-Polli:Nation Presentation (.pptx; 70MB)
Open University free online course on Pollinators and Citizen Science (external link)
X-Polli:Nation Colour Recording Booklet (7 pages)
X-Polli:Nation Printer-Friendly B/W Recording Sheet (2 pages)
X-Polli:Nation Certificate of participation (1 page)